What Causes Cavities

cavity-tooth-decay-smallA cavity is a tooth disease that is caused by bacteria. our bodies are all occupied by a variety of
bacteria from birth, and for the most part this is exactly how we want it. Many of these bacteria are actually beneficial to our bodies. However, sometimes bacteria will struggle with us for dominance. These bacteria, referred to as pathogens, are heavily present in our mouths.

That’s why dentists recommend brushing and flossing so often.

When these bacteria build up on our teeth, our bodies begin to struggle in the fight. If left untreated, a plaque will develop on the tooth, which can lead to the development of a cavity. The cavity forms as the bacteria produce acids to dissolve the enamel of our teeth.

The best defense against these bacteria is simply brushing your teeth regularly and flossing before bed each night. Some bacteria being present in our mouths is necessary for proper digestion, but we do not want that same bacteria dissolving our teeth.