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What Should I Do If I Lose a Tooth in an Accident


If you've lost a tooth in an accident, then time is your enemy. First, you need to locate the tooth and determine whether the tooth broke or if the entire root came out in one piece. When handling the tooth, make sure to avoid touching the root as much as possible. You should wash off [...]

What Causes Cavities


A cavity is a tooth disease that is caused by bacteria. our bodies are all occupied by a variety of bacteria from birth, and for the most part this is exactly how we want it. Many of these bacteria are actually beneficial to our bodies. However, sometimes bacteria will struggle with us for dominance. These [...]

How Does a Filling Work


As bacteria dissolves the enamel of our teeth, they create cavities. In order to repair this damage, your dentist will remove all of the bacteria from the cavity and disinfect it. Then to ensure that new bacteria cannot take refuge in the cavity, your dentist will seal the cavity using a filling. There are two [...]

What is a Root Canal?


  A root canal is a treatment technique that allows a dentist to save a tooth following an infection of the root of the tooth. Every tooth has a soft core. This core is called the dental pulp. Sometimes bacteria accesses this core as a result of long-term decay, cracks in the enamel, or chips [...]

What are Sealants?


Sealants help prevent cavities before they even begin! Most children will develop at least one cavity prior to developing their adult teeth. This is the case for a couple of reasons. First, the natural shape of a child’s teeth are slightly different than those of adult teeth. When the molars first start growing (typically around [...]

How often should I see a dentist?


Regular dental visits are a necessary preventative measure to ensuring optimum oral health across one’s entire life. When issues arise with your teeth, your life can be affected almost immediately. Whether its a minor toothache (possible sign of an emerging cavity), sudden acute pain, oral cancer, etc., a regular check-up helps ensure that you get [...]

What Causes Bad Breath?


Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is very common among people. Virtually everyone will experience bad breath at some point in their lives (if not every day - “morning breath”), and for most people treatment is as simple as brushing your teeth. So what causes bad breath? Bad breath is the result of a pungent [...]

What is Plaque?


Since plaque grows throughout the day and night, the most effective treatment is brushing and flossing. What is Plaque Plaque is a term used by dentists to refer to a soft, sticky film-like substance that can build up on your teeth. This film contains millions of bacteria that can cause tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, [...]